The Whisper Works™ will create exactly what you need.

We’ll answer your questions and work closely with you to design the perfect marketing program which will set you apart from the rest, and get you remembered.

We offer:

  • A UNIQUE ITEM: Each of our uniquely designed critters and bears will be given a name and (optional) birth date.
  • BEAUTIFUL EMBROIDERY: Custom clients may personalize their plush with a logo, company name, an event, a date or add a little custom artwork designed The Whisper Works design department.
  • THE MESSAGE:  Each plush will sport a hang tag with a unique message. Message suggestions: mission statement, company trivia, motto, or a poem written just for you by The Whisper Works.
  • HANG TAG: This is your tiny billboard!: Our business card size hang tag gives more room for your information and message and further customization is achieved when inserting a business card into the plastic hang tag protector. 

A list of a Few of Our Custom Clients:

  • SAKS, Inc.: Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • The CAP FUND: The Children's Abuse Prevention Fund
  • NAAP: Native American Alliance Project
  • MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers
  • ALBERTSONS: 70 Western Region Stores
  • DOTTIES HOME BAKERY: Alzheimer's Foundation
  • RE/MAX: Children’s Miracle Network

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