Family Of Love™

Tender TimesThe design of this tag is meant to portray the feeling of family. The best way we can imagine doing that, is to show a home. We have chosen a typical 1940's-1950's All-American Dream home, white with a traditional white picket fence.

The house is chosen to symbolize the family because it is the heart of the unit. This is where family gathers to nurture, create memories, celebrate achievements, and to comfort each other in the tough times. Our house appears to have a few lights on in the windows to signify occupancy and warmth and has flowers in the front yard to send a message of care and friendliness.

The font for this tag is simple and easy to read. The Whisper Works, Inc. is concentrating on the era of the early 1950's because it was a time of respect for our elders. Families were more centrally located and Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles took an active part in the raising of the extended family of children and.

The Sunday drives and traditional Sunday dinners, prayers over our children at night, an evening spent together as a family watching a silly TV program all are part of the family experience of days gone by. Today many wish to recapture that unhurried and loving focus again.

The thrust of The Family of Love™ creation series is to showcase and thank all those in our lives who are family. Too many times we are forced in our busy lives and we take those closest to us for granted. It usually takes only a moment of thoughtfulness to turn that around. The Family of Love™ hopes to offer the giver that forum

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