Tender TimesThe Tender Times™ hang tag is designed to portray a sense of antiquity. The desired goal is to achieve the look of grandma's beautifully appointed home with lace doilies, mantle clock, antiques, and warm tea brewing. The feeling the tag should portray is that of comfort and reassurance.

At grandma's house things are taken care of and always put back in their proper place and an air of love, respect and tradition abounds. The Tender Times™ line is meant to reflect this ambience.

The Tender Times™ creation series speaks to the traditions and milestones of our lives, the moments that we will look back on with tender fondness. Tradition is the bond and the legacy our families carry forward.

This collection showcases those special moments from the birth of our first child, the difficult first day of school for both the youngster and parent, that long awaited retirement and all the other milestones that mark the gentle progression of time.

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