Virtue Alley™

Tender TimesThe hang tag of this creation series is designed to give the feeling of a typical city’s back alley. The letters for the words "Virtue Alley" are painted on the broken wood picket fence and the font for this tag is friendly and easy to read.

The simple bubble letters conveys the childlike simplicity of the message. The wood picket fence is not only broken off, but also dulled and weathered from time.

Rascal the Rat appears to be foraging in the garbage can that the fence is leaning against. The brick in the background is a deeper mahogany, the alley concrete is a darker gray with imperfections and the overall color scheme of the tag is earth-tones.

The animals in the creation will usually be their natural colors so an earth tone hang tag would better tie these together. The fence symbolizes the all-American dream of the 40's and early 50's when couples wanted to own a beautiful dream home with a white picket fence out front.

The back alley symbolizes the reality of where many of us are struggling to survive, if not in truth, at least in daily community effort.

That is the whole thrust of the help us, even in this small way, to return to our roots, to the teachings of the past, our dreams of years gone by. A time when the words honor, truth, honesty, heroism, valor, faith, charity and such - meant so much more. Trite and simplistic, optimistic and symbolic...but The Whisper Works™ thinks it is a message many are eager for!  

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